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Postal Address : Elohim Waters, 80 Foreshore Road,
JAM JERRUP. 3984 Victoria. Australia

Phone Contact on (Aust 61) 3 5997 6214


The Sarah John Foundation Inc. is recognized by the Government as a non-profit charity organization, with tax deductability status of a Public Benevelent Institute, staffed by volunteers working in all states of Australia,
and is the Administration Centre of the Ministry.

The Foundation was established in 1990 in loving memory of John Victor Richardson, a Limbless soldier from the First World War, and his wife Sarah Ann Richardson, Early Pioneer Settlers of Swan Reach, Vic.

Photo - their wedding day 30 Oct 1922, Nicholson, Victoria.

It is also with sad regret, we advise the passing of our founding Foundation President, Sarah and Johns' son, Ian Richardson, due to Cancer in 2009.

We also acknowledge the steady support Ian's brother Bill Richardson provided, as Vice president too, who resigned in 2009 for personal reasons, and has passed away in 2011.


Objectives Statement :
To outreach without discrimination to the disadvantaged section of the public with the purpose of bringing relief of poverty, sickness, suffering, distress, misfortune, destitution, or helplessness, in the local area or wherever needed.

Our primary activities are twofold : Within Australia
Providing temporary accommodation, and relief, for the destitute, those impoverished through turmoil or abuse, in emotional or stressful situations, sickness, or suffering due to adverse circumstances.
Giving temporary support to people struggling for survival who live within the community.
Assist personal efforts in practical ways to vulnerable people who are helpless in their destitution.
Participate in one on one discussions as requested.
Medical assistance is available to aid in dealing with presenting problems.

Outside Australia
Our overseas missionary work involves a nutritional feeding program for malnourished and sick children living on garbage dumps and in squatter areas. The nutritional product is donated by the Kalogris Foundation, and the Reliv International Company, based in America.For further information click the Reliv Link.


Current Committee Members :

President - Margaret Richardson
Vice President- Pastor Chris Whiting of Open Doors
Joint Secretaries/ Susan & Gwenda Preston
Treasurer-Raeleigh Cook
Medical Advisor- Dr.Hugh Chisholm
Sponsorship - Barbara Orme
Missions -Jennifer Devlin
Education- Nancy Geeves


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Email : Sarah John Foundation